Monday, November 9, 2009

Blast from the past....

So do you kids remember Navy boy (aka Bachelor #2)?

I took my fella out to dinner last Wednesday since he's been a superhero with driving me around while my car is in the shop. Anywho, while out to dinner, I heard a familiar voice. Looked up, and it was Bachelor #2 at a table across from us... with his MOM. Now, I'm not one to diss going out to dinner with the folks, but I definitely had a moment of boo-ya if you will. Me= hot date, Bachelor= mom.... I win :)

So on Friday night, I was sitting at home watching a movie before hitting the hay early when i got a text message from a number I didn't know. Turns out it was Bachelor #2. The textversation went something like this:

Bachelor: Funny story, my phone broke and all my numbers were lost that I stored after December 2008. My engineer friend was able to pull them off just a week ago using presumably magic. Anyways, that is what happened to me if you cared to know. Give me a shout sometime.
Me: Who is this?
Bachelor: It makes sense that you would delete my number. This is ___, we once went to a baseball game. You made dinner at my house, I thought the okra was a bit overcooked lol.
Me: Maybe you should just delete my number...
Bachelor: Was it the fried okra joke? I understand, that is honestly what happened
Me: Um, moved on. In a relationship now. And it was zucchini.
Bachelor: Very well. Regardless, that shit was not intentional.

My thoughts:
A.) Convienient that you have my number again now that you've seen me out on a date with a guy ten times hotter than you
B.) How are you about to try and extend an olive branch then insult my cooking?!?
C.) Learn your vegetables. Okra and zucchini look and taste much different and I didn't deep fry anything when I cooked for you dipshit.
D.) Boo-ya!

In other news, me and the fella are just swell. His parents were awesome and I was heaven around all those mini horses :)

Oh, and my fella adores my cooking. And he knows the difference between okra and zucchini. I guess sometimes things just work out.

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