Monday, April 27, 2009

Bird Man...Part one of the saga....

So let's rewind the clock to about a month ago- the weekend before St. Patty's Day. It was my old roommate's last weekend living with me since she had to move for work. We decided to meet up after she got done with the concert she was going to see. The grand master plan was that I would've already been out with my BFF, but she ended up having to bail. My roommate calls and convinces me I should get spiffied up anyways and we'll all head to this punk bar called Exit. We'd always said how we needed to go there, so I figured what the hey.

I proceeded to get spiffied up and my roommate and her friend Brandon get back to the apartment. After a quick shot for good luck, we hop in a cab and head out. I was excited because it was supposed to be Industrial night, so if nothing else, I was hoping to be in music heaven. We head in and the place has a decent amount of people, but nowhere near a usual Saturday crowd due to everyone else being at the Irish pubs. Anywho, we proceed to go upstairs and hear what the DJ decided to play. After a few songs, I realized I wasn't going to be hearing anything I wanted, so we went back downstairs for some good old punk. My roommate's friend excuses himself to the bathroom and I grab a round of drinks. We noticed another guy followed him into the bathroom, so my roommate and I proceed to freak out that he's about to get jumped since the ladies room was a one person potty. He comes back out and we ask him what happened. Looking at us funny, he said, "Well, if you must know, I had to pee." The other guy comes out and overhears our conversation.

Enter Bird Man. After a few smoke breaks with Brandon, Bird Man (BM) realizes that we are not in fact there together and got the go ahead to hit on me. The entire time, I am completely oblivious. I fail at this whole picking up on flirting thing. At first, I think he's just talking to the group of us or Brandon. He invites us to another bar that plays more industrial music. I was game, as were my companions, so we piled into a cab yet again. The next bar was pretty sweet, definitely more my speed and there was a dance floor. *Insert happy dance here* BM paid for all our covers, so that was pretty awesome. My roommate goes away to get a drink, so its just me and BM. We discover similar tastes in music and get into a conversation about Nine Inch Nails. I text my roommate to find out where she went. Her response was one simple sentence that clued me in to what was going on: "I'm letting that guy hit on you." After reading that, I excuse myself to dance to a few songs while I figure out how I didn't realize I was getting picked up. Conversation continues to go well with BM, so after he politely asks , I put my phone number in his cell. He tells me he'll call me tomorrow and take me to lunch.

The entire cab ride home, I'm kind of in shock. I hadn't even entertained the idea of meeting someone new, but I convinced myself he wouldn't call anyways. Boys never call when they say they're going to. After sleeping off the drinking from the night before, I get up and make breakfast. Much to my surprise, my phone rings and its BM. We decide to meet up at a diner later that day for lunch. Conversation goes well again and we agree to see on another once I return from my trip.

It started out so well. But alas, there's more.... I'll save part two for my next post. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome to the Lily Pad

Hi there

My name is Lily. I decided after sharing some of my dating to stories with friends that some of them were just amusing enough to share with the rest of the interwebs. So here I am.

Let's see, a bit about me and my dating history. I'm in my mid-twenties and a bit of a tomboy with a girlie side. I've been a serial monogamist since I started dating around 6 years ago when I started college. I'd meet a guy or become friends with a guy and eventually the attraction was there, so we'd jump into a relationship. I've had my share of good relationships and bad ones, but I did learn something from every guy I dated. Sometimes they were tough lessons, but its much better to learn them firsthand. The thing is, I never really "dated" casually in the past; I'd always get into a relationship right away, so this casual dating thing is a completely new (mis)adventure for me.

So I guess as far as casual dating goes, I'm kind of a newbie. I learn by doing, so I'm diving in feet first... and I'm taking you all along for the ride. I'm hoping to also give some advice along the way, advice that I've learned firsthand and advice that I've read from some pretty wonderful books that have changed how I look at dating.

I'm not entirely sure I have a grand philosophy when it comes to dating. I'm basically searching for someone who takes me as I am, flaws and all, and most importantly, laughs at my terrible jokes. I'm only slightly kidding about that last part; sarcasm isn't nearly as amusing if you have to explain it to someone else. It would be great to have stuff in common too, seeing as I'm not really one to consider golf on a Sunday afternoon a high form of entertainment. I need someone who can keep up with me and challenge me to keep up with them. Of course there's the physical attraction aspect as well. I realize I'm far from perfect, so I try not to judge too much; however, if physical attraction and chemistry just isn't there, it won't appear out of thin air.

I don't buy into the concept of finding "the one" as if there is only one person out there who's right for you. I believe there are a handful of "ones" and sometimes it just depends on where you are as to which "one" you find that's right for you. I hope that made sense. I do believe in the power of love. I've been in love in the past. I've fallen in and out of love with probably two people total. I haven't given up hope on love because frankly, I'm too young to be that pessimistic. Heart break sucks, but healing from that and finding someone who rocks your world harder than you'd imagined makes up for the suckage of that past heart break.

So as you could probably tell, this blog may have a bit of a theme going on. I'm always one for a theme party, so I may have a little too much fun with this blog. It's been said in the past that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. In that case, bring on the frogs!!

Welcome and enjoy :)