Monday, August 31, 2009

Spin Cycle

Why is it that some women and men decide to cycle through exes like a laundry cycle? I've been guilty of this as well, though not nearly as bad as some.

Sometimes after a break-up, you have that moment where you're like, "You know, we could make this work. I'll change. It'll be better this time around." And it does get better- at least in the beginning. You're both (well usually) trying really hard and working on those issues that drove you apart. But being creatures of habit, we usually resort back to our old ways and those little things that drive the other one nuts start to drive them nuts again- yes, I'm talking to you mister obsessive pen clicker.

What's worse is getting to the point of breaking-up again and finding out the other person wasn't trying at all. I found that one out the hard way my senior year of college. He even admitted that he wasn't trying any harder. It's kinda like how I try egg nog again every couple years, just to remind myself that I still don't like it. Sometimes, ya gotta learn the hard way.

The thing is, to use the title from a book that changed how I date, it's called a break-up because it's broken!!
(Read it, love it, own it:

Stop putting your exes through the spin cycle and find someone who's worth your time and doesn't think its ok to break your heart one week and then be your everything the next. And if you do get back together with them, remember that they were the reason you started that love-hate relationship with a certain Mr. Ben & Jerry. Just sayin'

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