Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Spot a Winner

So a friend of mine that I work with told me a question that her fiance asked her on their first date- "If you could have one of these two super powers, which would you choose- front row/first space parking for the rest of your life or the ability to talk to ducks?"

I proceeded to laugh my bum off (thankfully, its now reattached) and texted the question to my sister, my best friend, and Mr. Avocado. All responded duck-talking but Mr. Avocado took the cake with creativity and hilarity of answer. His reponse:

"Honestly, I don't mind having to walk to get to where I'm goin and I have been attacked by fowl before without a single moment to try and resolve the situation. Plus, have you seen the teeth that geese have?!? With all the hissing and wingflappin, a guy would like to know what he did to deserve that. Duck fluency would be a plus. Also, geese are protected by law and for what? More goose turds EVERYWHERE?!? First, we learn the language... then we fight back! They can take our land, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!!"

If you aren't busting out laughing right now, there might be something wrong with you. Just sayin'

I've got date #3 with this winner tonight. He's cooking me dinner :) Who knew, there's a guy out there just as strange as me... and he's attractive to boot!

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